What is the age requirement for a private parts service at Depil Brazil Waxing Studio?

18 or over.

How do I apply for a position at Depil Brazil Waxing Studio?

We’re always looking for new team members to join the Depil Brazil Waxing Studio franchise! Email us at jointheteam@depilbrazilwaxing.com.

What are Depil Brazil Waxing Studio’s cancellation and return policies?

Review our cancellation and return policies. 

Is there a holding fee?

Yes. When you book an appointment for a service that takes one hour or more to complete, we place a holding fee on your credit or debit card for 30% of total services booked.

Can I get a wax if I shaved recently?

It depends. While you should never shave before your appointment, the rate of hair growth varies in each person. Come in and we’ll check the length of your hair growth.

What if I’m pregnant?

You can still get various wax procedures. A new trend for moms-to-be is to get a Brazilian wax right before childbirth.

When should I not get waxed?

If you are taking oral skin thinning like Accutane, you should not get waxed. You should also avoid waxing the face while using acids. You also shouldn’t wax if you have a systematic disease or if you are sunburned.

Will I have to get on all fours to have a Brazilian wax?

No, NOT AT ALL! We use a different technique and this position is not allowed in our Studio.

Should anything be applied to my skin after a wax?

Yes. We recommend using sun block for your face after a facial wax. We also suggest different Depil Brazil post wax products but it will depend on your skin and body hair types. Our expert Licensed Esthetician will evaluate each case and address the proper home care.

What is the difference between the Deep Bikini and Brazilian waxes?

Our Deep Bikini wax removes as much or as little of your bikini-area hair as you desire. We can leave a small strip, triangle, square, etc. in the front, and remove the labia hairs – or not. A Brazilian wax leaves no hair at all. Also, we offer a service called “Special Designs” that can go from hearts to arrows, and many other designs.

Will I be wearing anything when I wax?

Yes, if you want. Our customers comfort is just one of Depil Brazil care and to achieve that we offer disposable panties. Some of the clients just prefer not use any at all, which makes service faster and easier. It’s totally up to you!

What if I am sunburned?

It is not a good idea to get a wax after a sunburn, as your top layer of skin may come off. Due to concerns for your health, we will not provide wax services to sunburned clients. We care about you!

I get ingrown hairs when I shave. Will waxing eliminate them?

Waxing will be much better for you than shaving. It will take a few consistent sessions before we put all your body hair in the same cycle. This may take up to 3 visits before you see significant improvement. However, if you want to take care of existing ingrown hair faster and avoid new ones to come, we highly recommend our Ipanema Serum that does an excellent job on stubborn hair.

Will waxing make me red, and how long will the redness last?

Depending on the sensitivity of your skin, it’s normal to see some redness after waxing. Because our unique wax is organic, for most people, it takes up to a half an hour for the redness to fade.

Why remove hair with wax?

Waxing makes your skin feel soft, and lasts much longer than shaving. Shaving stimulates potential hair growth, but waxing decreases hair growth. Some people use wax because they feel it is more hygienic and it IS! Hair holds moisture and moisture holds odor. Our bodies release natural oils and sweat each day, which our hair can hold on to and produce odor. By removing the hair, you stay cleaner and fresher longer. With wax, your hair will come back thinner and less noticeable. Eventually, they won’t grow any more. Waxing often damages the hair follicles.

Does waxing hurt?

Waxing does involve minimum pain but if done with our express technique it is a lot less painful. The benefits of waxing outweigh the few seconds of stinging.

How long should the hair be before I wax?

If you can pinch your hair and lift your skin without hair slipping through your fingers, it should be long enough. It usually takes an average of two to four weeks to grow hair to be ready to wax.

How long will the results last?

It differs with each person, depending in how fast the hair grows and in which phase the hair was when waxed can last from two to six weeks. The more you wax, the longer it lasts, also you can use our Leme Slow Grow Wash with our Leblon Slow Grow Lotion products that will significantly decrease your hair growth and you will see your hair coming back thinner and slower.

Will my hair grow back thicker?

No. Hair will actually grow back lighter and softer every time you wax. It usually takes at least three procedures to really notice a change in how fast your hair grows back, but you will notice your hair coming in softer after the first wax.

Will I have a reaction to waxing?

Unless you are allergic to a natural ingredient, you will not have a reaction to our wax. We invite you to come in and get a free patch-test to see how the wax feels on your skin. Our 100% natural wax made by pure bee wax with vegetable oils from the Amazon, has no colorants or essences, and has been dermatologist-tested. This greatly minimizes the chance for reactions.

Is there anything I should do to prepare for waxing and to be comfortable?

Yes. You should exfoliate the skin a day before at least. Use the Grumari Body Exfoliant to remove the dead skin that is clogging your pours. Avoid caffeine and alcohol, as these stimulants can make you more sensitive and increase redness after waxing. Also, do not use any lotion or oil products the same day as your service. Do not use deodorant if you are going to have your underarm done. Some of these products can interfere with the way wax attaches to the skin.

What if I’m on my period?

Some women find that when they are on their period, their skin is more sensitive. Others are just fine. Use a tampon if you are getting your bikini area wax, and that’s it!!! And if you forget, we do carry them in the Studio, so, no worries.

Information provided on this page is not intended as medical advice. If you have a medical concern, please consult your doctor.